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Posted by: Stoller on January 11, 19100 at 10:31:48:

In Reply to: toasters and s**t posted by Loudon Head on January 10, 19100 at 10:22:28:

: I don't understand your definition of TWO types of consumption, and the distinction seems to me to break down with the slightest examination.

One more time for the hearing impared: unproductive consumption and reproductive consumption. The first transmits the use-values within the objects consumed to another object (a commodity); the second is simply consumed (no value transfered).

Stoller [repeating myself]:
[T]he important distinction is that some consumption eradicates a commodity and some consumption MAKES MONEY.

: The only kind of consumption I can think of that MAKES MONEY is consumption of a printing press, (assuming that by money you mean paper bills. Anything can potentially be a medium of exchange, or "money".)

Silly. Why am I even bothering with you?

: Only because, as I've said above, there doesn't seem to be a substantive difference between your "productive consumption" and your "final consumption". You say that productive consumption has a PROFIT-MAKING character. But my examples of shit and toasters seem to indicate that what you call "final consumption" may also have a profit-making character.

Your (silly) examples are examples of reproductive consumption.

: You lost me. What's an M-C-M CIRCUIT?

Didn't read the link provided before, did you? Are you lazy or something? For someone so arrogant, laziness is unbecoming...

: Okay, I've gone back and reread your original post. Correct me where I'm wrong. You've posited two kinds of goods, regardless of their owner [what?]: Consumer Goods, goods which "once consumed, are gone and must be purchased again in order to reproduce those items' use-value," and Productive Goods, goods which "once consumed (in the production process), become items retaining their previous value as well as possessing added value."

: I'm guessing you would call a toaster a good of the second type. Or is it a good of a third type which you haven't yet defined? Please tell me. Or is its classification dependent on what one decides to do with the toast?

Try reading my posts a little more carefully. I tire of repeating simple points again and again (each time for a new knucklehead who expects a command performance).

: My name is spelled "Loudon Head", but it's pronounced "Throat-Wobbler Mangrove."

Think I'll remember that. Just so I know not to waste my time in the future...

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