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Posted by: MDG on January 11, 19100 at 10:35:43:

In Reply to: How 'bout keepin' my cake, an' eatin' yours? posted by Dr. Cruel on January 10, 19100 at 12:56:35:

: Education is good. That's why I favor vouchers. That's why the Left ... doesn't.

Vouchers, as in for religious-based schools? That's contrary to the Separation of Church and State. The left recognizes that; the right, or at least you, overlook that (or dismiss it, Doc?).

: The key isn't "free". It's "choice".

B.S. "Free" means universal, available to all. A quality, secular education which can do for all children what's it's already done for so many: educate them well, prepare them for a successful life. "Choice" is code for "religion."

It's not "equality". It's "opportunity".

How about equal opportunity? No problem with that, I hope.

It's not "empowerment". It's about adulthood - and the responsibilities that go with it.

It's about empowering all children insofar as they all learn to read, write, think critically, and begin to understand and appreciate the arts, humanities, and sciences. Teaching one's child to become a responsible adult is primarily the job of parents.

: Just like to tell those on the Left again - you STILL can't have my money.

Then get the heck off public roads, Doc. Eat food that hasn't been inspected by the government nor produced according to gov't health and safety regulations. Put out your own fire the next time your annual burning of The Communist Manifesto sets fire to your curtains. Catch my drift, "Doc" Selfish?

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