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Oklahoma City Remembrance Day

Posted by: MDG on January 11, 19100 at 10:50:27:

In Reply to: Timothy McVeigh Day? posted by Frenchy on January 10, 19100 at 11:33:05:

We should make April 19 a national day of mourning in remembrance of the 168 men, women, and children who died when Timothy McVeigh, a possibly others, blew up the Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

It should be a day where all Americans reflect on the right-wing violence and know-nothing, kneejerk anti-govermentism which have run as evil strains throughout the history of the United States since its founding. We should reflect on our country's embrace of violence as a means to solve all problems, on the small-mindedness of the yahoo conservatives in Congress whose anti-government diatribes (often made with reference to the anti-goverment PRESIDENT of the United States, Ronald Reagan) all but invited Timothy McVeigh to commit his murderous deed.

We should reflect on our country's love affair with guns and violence, on its citizens' hypocrisy in demanding more and more from the government while simultaneously complaining out taxes -- taxes which are among the lowest in the industrialized world.

We should reflect on the hypocrisy of conservative blowhards who preach self-responsibility, but blame government for everything. On conservatives who admonish the poor to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps while lavishing public money of the wealthy and powerful.

We should reflect on the right-wing's obsession with communism and hatred of Cuba, while ignoring or embracing murderous, torturing, fascistic goverments around the world, such as Guatemala.

We should reflect on the right's hypocrisy when it uses the Constitution to prevent government regulation of polluters, yet wipes its ass on the Constitution in attempts to pass school prayer and anti-flag burning amendments.

Lastly, we should reflect on the sanctimonious conservatives who blather on about God while they pull electric chair switches, impeach Presidents for affairs, and cut aid to the poor while simultaneously taking graft from the wealthy, funding more prisons instead of more schools, and, last but not least, fucking around on their husbands and wives while weeping about God somehow being driven out of schools by man.

April 19 is a good day to remind the Right that it has blood on its hands.

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