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Level-headed people? Try blockheaded...

Posted by: MDG on January 11, 19100 at 10:54:25:

In Reply to: Play it again, Sam. Here's mud in your eye... posted by Frenchy on January 10, 19100 at 11:56:22:


: Overwhelming?? Uh, the reason I posted this was to show that the consensus is ununanimous, or inunanimous, or unanimous not.
: This is the thing that kills me, it's like dueling PhD's. My PhD's bigger and better than your PhD!
: No it's not!
: Is!
: Is not!

Milloy is the exception which proves the rule. Sure, there are some industry-sponsored scientists and conservative scientists who dispute global warming, but the overwhelming (there's that word again, sorry) consensus among scientists is that GW is happening, and I ain't talking Bush!

: I mean, science becomes pretty meaningless when it becomes politicized, doesn't it?

Sure does. That's why I take Milloy with a grain of salt.

: The climate is warming.
: Fine.
: It's done it before.

: The climate is cooling.
: Terrific.
: It's done that before too.

Hasn't done global warming due to pollutants in the atmosphere, though. That's the worrisome part, Frenchola.

: The thing that is to be despised by all level headed people of good will is attempts to acheive political aims, such as those of some enviro-wackos, using environmental science as a Trojan Horse.

Sorry, but anyone who refers to "enviro-wackos" isn't level headed - they're blockheaded!

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