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At least you'll admit that much

Posted by: Stoller on January 11, 19100 at 10:54:48:

In Reply to: it wont posted by Gee on January 10, 19100 at 13:29:16:

: In response to the entire post - you have missed that some very highly intellectual efforts were made by people in order to conceive and design the scanner and the robots mentioned as well as the products themselves, they are not on $5/hr.

Yes, let's hear it for the statistically insignificant (but unnaturally publicized) section of the population...

: you miss also that these ever more abundant products, from ever more productive and competetive organisations, require ever more skilled 'circulation' work to ensure it gets from the steely limbs of the robot to the fleshy hands of the consumer.

Don't forget all that 'ever more' UNSKILLED work the circulation sphere engenders: telemarketers, cashiers, clerks, data processors, etc., etc.

: Not all boats rise, thats true, but more rise than sink. I think youre being relative again - not relative in terms of historical gain over time, but in terms of larger gaps between the $50/hr accountants, programmer, robot man and the $5/hr cashiers. I'm not convinced that a measure of boats as sinking is appropriate - only that you might say they *seem* to be sinking compared to those which rise dramatically.

Wealth is relative, socially determined. Low-wage workers see the wealth of the capitalist masters and they know they are poor. They ARE considering the wealth their work produces (for the capitalist masters).

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