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Posted by: Farinata ( L'inferno ) on January 11, 19100 at 13:42:32:

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(*sigh* - I contributed 91 lines of original posting there; you replied to about 1/9th of them; I take it that you have no effective response to the other 8/9ths of my post?)

: Yeah, right, nice article. It states that the Khmer Rouge were included in peace talks because they were to big to be left out; they had numbers. Once they were let into the bargaining process they refused any elections and took power forcefully.

Yes. In 1975.

To quote the article;

"...only one has been identified by the world community as a genuine "Adolf Hitler revisited," whose crimes are documented in a 1979 report of the UN Human Rights Commission as "the worst to have occurred anywhere in the world since Nazism.""

Pol Pot was deposed in 1979.

Like I said, Ronald Reagan gave $85 million to Pol Pot's army in exile in the period 1980-1986. After the massacres.

: And let's not forget about other countries being involved in the 'aid' to Pol Pot; Sweden, Singapore etc.

Which provided respectively, arms and a conduit for those arms. The US provided the money with which to buy them.

However, this is off-topic; I'm not trying to say that Sweden is any less guilty than the US in this; but the US was the prime mover in this.

: Foreign relations are complex and although it's tempting to reduce complexities to "It's Reagan's fault!" that only shows an intellectual dishonesty.

Reagan's government gave large amounts of money to a known practiser of genocide and international pariah. Which bit don't you understand?

: If the way the third wolders are being treated is really bugging you, you ought to do as Mother Tereasa did, or as the Nike commercial says, "Just do it".

What do you think I spend a lot of my time doing, Frenchy?

(And how do you think I work off continual frustration at this state of affairs; why, by visiting McSpotlight and arguing, of course...)

When it comes down to it, the people in the Third World are starving and suffering for a reason. The reason being that it is profitable for us that they starve and suffer.

Slice it, dice it, reshape it whichever way you want, it's effectively slavery.

: Stop pestering people with your sense of self-righteousness.

(applicable deity) knows, I'm no better than the next human. I believe in peace, freedom and equality for all; vacuous and intangible goals; but hey, given the alternatives, I feel they're worth working towards.

If your conscience is clear, why are you so annoyed by my stating matters of fact in the public record?


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