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A bottom up approach?

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on January 11, 19100 at 14:54:38:

In Reply to: Do you live in a recently industrialized nation? posted by Stoller on January 11, 19100 at 10:32:57:

: OK then. More skilled workers will be thrown onto a workforce that demands less and less skills... Remember those 'top-growth occupations' cited by the New York Times...

I do, I remember *all* of them, not just a choice few which support any particular view. We've done this.

: Well, I don't agree.


: I believe that only the production process creates use-values; therefore, the circulation process can only add to capital investment (reducing profit). You, on the other hand, believe in the STV---so anything goes (for you)... But let's not rehash it all again...

Produce toys at a New Jersey factory and see how much use a child in Seattle gets out of it without all the 'circulation' work. when the toy is bought in Seattle the whole package is bought - not just what rolled off the aseembly line.

: : And which nations will be left in such conditions? Those not prepared for socialism, those where to work is to work predominantly at production such as the current 3rd world. revolutionary potential caught in a catch 22? Nations 'ready for it' are not so pressured due to manufacturing tech whilst those without the tech are not 'ready for it' but feel the pressure. Perhaps this goes some way to explaining the popularity of marxism in the 3rd world relative the 'the west'.

: The 3rd World is being rapidly industrialized. Plants moving overseas and all that, right? Therefore the peasantry of the 3rd World is rapidly becoming proletarianized---which means revolutionary potential. Add to that the imperialist (labor aristocracy) implications of my production sphere / circulation sphere paradigm and you will see how the industrial development of the 3rd World will take a DIFFERENT course than ours did (having less affluence to bribe the workers). And then there's Russia, which is materially and politically READY for socialism...

Lets sit back and wait for that to happen then - because I think they will simply 'go west' more than 'go marxist'. Russia though - thats a roller coaster ride after all those decades of rampant statist control of people. Might get some votes there.

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