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It's society, not me, that we're talking about.

Posted by: Loudon Head on January 11, 19100 at 22:20:56:

In Reply to: Shaddup and do what you're told. posted by MDG on January 11, 19100 at 20:56:00:

: : Of course, you need to remember that "conservative" in Locke's time meant something different than "conservative" now. Locke's "liberals" are now called "conservatives", at least here in the states.

: I'll look into that. If you're right, I'll admit feeling foolish -- IF you're right.

It's why you'll often hear conservatives and libertarians refer to themselves as "classical liberals."

: : I've always thought that it made some sense that many intelligent people are reds. With intelligence frequently comes arrogance, and I can't think of anything more arrogant than the idea that society will follow a plan.

: Ergo, stupid people are capitalists? Ergo, with stupdity comes submissiveness? Capitalism is the American way, and if you don't agree, you're a dirty red and we'll beat you up!

I'm not sure I implied any of the above.

I imagine some stupid people are capitalists, but they're probably not very good ones.

: Wake up: you're following a plan right now.

What plan am I following?

And anyway, whether I'm following a plan is not the point. It's society, not me, that we're talking about.

: Personally, I like to believe that anyone, regardless of intelligence, can be thoughtful, compassionate, and sensitive, and with those traits recognize that injustice, while profitable for some, is not a condition to be embraced.

I like to believe that too. Which is why I believe there is hope that socialists and communists (who are almost always thoughtful and intelligent) can be shown that their philosophy is the source of most tangible injustice.

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