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: : Here's something for you

: I checked out "The Catholic Encyclopedia" from that link. Below are excerpts. While they have obviously been pulled out of a larger context, they all were offered without apology.

: On animals:

: Beings that may be treated simply as means to the perfection of persons can have no rights, and to this category the brute creation belongs. In the Divine plan of the universe the lower creatures are subordinated to the welfare of man.

: On Islam:

: It is hardly necessary here to emphasize the fact that the ethics of Islam are far inferior to those of Judaism and even more inferior to those of the New Testament.

: On Hinduism:

: "...Hinduism adapts itself to every form of religion, from the lofty monotheism of the cultivated Brahmin to the degraded nature-worship of the ignorant, half savage peasant.... We have nothing to learn from India that makes for higher culture. On the other hand, India has much of value to learn from Christian civilization.

: On Women:

: If the two sexes are designed by nature for a homogeneous organic co-operation, then the leading position or a social pre-eminence must necessarily fall to one of them. Man is called by the Creator to this position of leader, as is shown by his entire bodily and intellectual make-up. On the other hand, as the result of this, a certain social subordination in respect to man which in no way injures her personal independence is assigned to woman, as soon as she enters into union with him.

: There's more, for those who care.

No matter what St. Thomas Aquinas says, it'll be a hell of a lot closer to the truth than what Marx and Stalin (not to mention Catro and PolPot and Mao and the poor waif Hitler, who you guys refuse to let under the big top)said.
Hey, wait a minute; are you mocking me? I thought one of the Liberal/Socialist/Communist tenets was respect for the beliefs of others? Do real Socialists mock the beliefs of others? Doesn't that imply one position being superior to another? Gee, and all this time I thought you guys...ahh, nevermind...I'm sure you have a rational explanation.

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