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Turns out the moles were there after all.

Posted by: Frenchy on January 12, 19100 at 10:54:26:

In Reply to: Yeah, Well They Shut Down McCarthy Too... posted by Krasny on January 11, 19100 at 22:20:10:

: ...no one in their right mind thought of that as 'censorship.' No one is saying that you can't argue, make a point by citing supporting articles, etc. When your only point is to post some snippet of an article, then you are nothing more than a mindless spambot IMO.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$My most humble Capitalist apologies to your tender opinions....

: So far as my own modest BBS goes... I have exercised the delete function on one occasion and blocked the url of some cretin who only knew how to post (unexpurgated) words like f*ck, sh*t, and motherf*cker... undoubtedly your intellectual accompli. In fact, I doubt I would even delete your tripe over at The Mass since there is no pretense that the board there is dedicated to debate and discussion per se (it is merely 'encouraged'). This site (one hopes) is a different story. I have to admit that this site has much more vitality than anything else of its kind that I've come across. They should guard this quality jealously and take steps to prevent it becoming the personal sandbox of those in love with the sight of their alias marking a post as a dog marks a fire hydrant. --K

$$$$$$$$$$$$For those who support censorship but don't want to use that word, you can always use "They should guard this quality jealously and take steps to prevent it becoming the personal sandbox..." instead. Euphemisms served the Nazi's well too.




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: McSpotlight: We do our best. And you should see some of the stuff we reject...

$$$$$$$$$$$$$Yeah, as a matter of fact I have seen some of the stuff you reject.

McSpotlight: We only reject your stuff it it's irrelevant; but we get any number of truly gross and obscene and hate-filled posts as well.

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