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Posted by: Stoller on January 12, 19100 at 16:46:40:

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Marx and Engels---to my knowledge---did not address this issue directly. Engels' Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State makes very clear his belief that a woman's body is HERS, and the state should keep its hands off.

: If factors such as state decided* job rotation take precedent over the womans 'liberty inb the workplace', and if a woman who uses any part of her body (notably the mind) to further her own interest (rather than be subject to whatever is meant by the 'common interest') is stopped by the state* then we can see that the notion that her body is hers is not upheld as a principle, but more as a caveat with regard to abortion.

: How is this reconciled?

Your grammar is pretty wild here Gee, but I think you're trying to point out an 'inconsistency' in the state regulating work but not reproductive functions, right?

As Issac Deutscher once pointed out, humans are beset by hunger, sex, and death. Socialism aims to resolve the first problem---and only that problem (by direct intervention). The other two problems are outside the scope of socialism's work---but will be made easier to cope with by dealing with the first problem (hunger).

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