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Posted by: Lark on January 13, 19100 at 11:42:09:

In Reply to: A thought posted by Gee on January 12, 19100 at 17:52:26:

: I think I would have to know how you define 'prosper' aswell as those other things. But its a strange statement.

Granted if you belief there's such thing as an honest profit it seems ridiculous, complete lunacy, me on form, well, given that I believe in the labour theory of value and surplus value etc. I dont believe there's such a thing as an honest profit, just bad ones and worse.

You dont prosper without profits either, well, I guess I could join a monestry or commune but then I'd have to be an authoritarian or dogmatist to climb the ranks.

:That chap who invented 'dyson vacuum cleaners' is fairly rich I would guess, and they're good cleaners too! I don't think he needed to be any of those things you mentioned in order to prosper though!

However, eventually he sets up a factory with a taylorist production line and authoritarian management and sells the produce for more than it's worth to John Doe, unfortunate but true, that said I liked the way Dyson scared Hoover shitless with the competition. While we're on that point, point of sale (PR joke), the market doesnt equal the best goods otherwise we'd not have VHS recorders in our homes, they are inferior to the other variety that emerged at the same time are now only operate in TV stations.

: Who are the ones who prosper by being those things? mafiosi maybe? political hacks maybe? corporate ladder chasers maybe?

All of those and the rest, I think you've assessed the anarcho-capitalist establishment of russian laissez faire capitalism pretty well there.

:But they are all hangers on, they all need the Mr Dysons and all the honest and productive folk to make their own nastiness possible.

True, how do you suppose we rid ourselves of them? Regulation and political action being unacceptable to a laissez faire ideologue.

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