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Contraception is the best alternative.

Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( DSA, MA, USA ) on January 13, 19100 at 11:44:52:

In Reply to: it is going to take place even it is banned posted by Lark on January 12, 19100 at 15:33:09:

: The way I approach this is that it is going to take place even it is banned, a la prohibition, so lets have it out in the open where alternatives can be presented,

Yes, indeed; access to contraception should make abortion unnecessary; abortion arises because people make terrible mistakes; the idea is to avoid the mistakes happening. Contraception is the best alternative., adoption is good too.

:where records can be kept, where fetis's that are not already formed are the only things aborted,

I'd also agree with you here. that's why i suggested mayeb restricting abortion to the early months when the fetus is still mostly unformed. (first three months)

:where the health and well being of the already developed humans can be monitored.


: Personally I reflect upon the lack of organisation that has resulted in childless couples being unable to adopt children while others abort them.

You know, it's very interesting; maybe it's the influence of living in Massachusetts, but I know very few people who are resiolutely pro-life; many religious people I know say that they personally feel it's wrong, but that they are not prepared to make that decision for other people.

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