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He wasn't fallible.

Posted by: Frenchy on January 13, 19100 at 11:50:37:

In Reply to: I hate to pope your bubble. posted by MDG on January 12, 19100 at 16:47:03:

: [deleted Catholic Encyclopedia references]

: : : There's more, for those who care.


: You found all that funny? Well, it's your link, not mine.

$$$$$$$$$$It is funny, considering the source.

: : No matter what St. Thomas Aquinas says, it'll be a hell of a lot closer to the truth than what Marx and Stalin (not to mention Catro and PolPot and Mao and the poor waif Hitler, who you guys refuse to let under the big top)said.

: Maybe, maybe not. Acquinas was a fallible man, not an omniscient god.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$That's one thing about Tom that I never understood. He wasn't fallible. Everything about him points to his being a very (and I normally hate using this word) holy man. If there were any peccadillos in his life, I'd like to know about them. Quite a guy.

: : Hey, wait a minute; are you mocking me? I thought one of the Liberal/Socialist/Communist tenets was respect for the beliefs of others? Do real Socialists mock the beliefs of others? Doesn't that imply one position being superior to another? Gee, and all this time I thought you guys...ahh, nevermind...I'm sure you have a rational explanation.

: Nice try, but I wasn't mocking you. I let the words speak for themselves. Obviously, I disagree with them, but to disagree is not to mock. And I was serious about the Catholic Encyclopedia (CE) providing an insight into your views, Frenchy. In my opinion, the CE is representative of a very conservative, patriarchical, arrogant, and bigoted institution, i.e., the Roman Catholic church, and frankly, Frenchy, I view you the same way. Of course, the Roman Catholic church also stands for good things, and it does good works, and you too have expressed dismay over the suffering of others, so I'm not throwing a blanket condemnation over you and the R.C. church. My criticism is that the good the R.C. does is not balanced well against the bad it does.

: For the record, my wife is Catholic, and she shares my view of the R.C. church.

$$$$$$$$$$$$What's that that I feel? It feels like somebody pulling my leg...let me see, maybe there's somebody under my computer table,...hmmmmmmm, nope. Oh, it's YOU!! Of course your not mocking me, you just go through the trouble of finding scraps of information taken out of context for the shear enjoyment of bringing edification to others...right. And then you can't even come to a conclusion about the history of the RCC, it's good, but it's bad too. C'mon, take a stand and defend it.
Sorry to hear about your wife's views. I imagine she's an NO. Well, there's no question, she has a lot of company.

PS, nice play on 'pope', that was good. Kudos.

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