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Ain't your brother

Posted by: St(r)oller on January 14, 19100 at 11:12:19:

In Reply to: Are Strawberries in season? posted by Lark on January 13, 19100 at 11:37:56:

: ... I disagree with brother Strollers unashamed apologetics, I aim posts like this at him, that hopefully he'll realise that unlike every 'marxist' after him Marx didnt concoct any governmental or institutional blueprint and insist it was synominous with socialism and deserved violent defense. No Marx knew that once the ideological/cultural/consciousness battle had been sorted out institutional 'trial and error' would produce the correct insitutions etc.

Not familiar with Critique of the Gotha Program, point IV; The Civil War in France chapter III; letter to Kugelmann, 12 April 1871; or the 'First Address of the Central Committee of the Communist League to its Members in Germany' [March 1850]---are we, Lark?

You know Marx as well as Gee does, 'brother.'

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