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Just another example of a deliberately biased view of reality

Posted by: Quincunx on January 14, 19100 at 11:19:09:

In Reply to: Just another example of reality posted by Frenchy on January 11, 19100 at 20:59:56:

Qx: : What does this tell us? Did those people interviewed explicitly state "socialist values". Probably not. Do most people in China really view the Chinese Commmunist Party as truly "communist"? Do you?

Norm: Yeah, I believe that their system is Communist, and they do too.

Qx: Are you really that sure about the Chinese people thinking that their current system is truly comunist? Can you back up your statement with facts? While you're at it please state what you feel is the main criteria for qualifying Mainland China as communist.

Norm: That's what it looks like, in reality.

Qx: You mean the reality of corporate media in the West? They do a good job in distorting reality everyday. Would you cite reports from mainstream corporate media sources while feeling that they are reliable?

Norm: In theory of course it's Utopia.

Qx: Utopia means "no place" in the original Greek. Of course that is conveniently forgotten by many.

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