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Take a tip form Australia and save on your electricity bill

Posted by: Sierra ( The Uion, Australia ) on January 14, 19100 at 11:19:28:

In Reply to: Justice in America posted by bill on January 13, 19100 at 11:51:52:

: I see that "we" have resumed executing juveniles in this country. We now are in the exclusive club of five other nations who have executed juvenile offenders in the past twenty years.

Who decides who should live in your country? The government. Who decides who sould reside in your country? The government. The way I see it, if you've been convicted of any crime the US government will try to kill you all off.

Another thing I don't understand about your "turbo-capitalist" nation. Why are your politicians so quick to continue with this barbaric custom? I'd be willing to bet that if Bill Clinton or Al Gore were to comit all those crimes that got innocent citizens a one-way ticket to the chair they would only be impeached.

What is the deal with this diplomatic immunity shit I'm always hearing about??? It sucks that people should get off lightly just becuase of their social status.

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