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Posted by: Stoller on January 18, 19100 at 21:28:15:

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Stoller:There's no way an assembly-line---or even a street-paving crew---can permit the anarchist 'ad hocary' of day-to-day individual liberty in the workplace. If a worker refuses to show up or to do such-and-such a task, production will be hampered, even stopped. That means commodities people expect on the communal store shelves will not be there.

: But the alternative is to simply keep everyone as proletarianes, where the aim should be to abilish teh proletariate - we do not need compulsion to work.

Funny. I recall the idea of a dictatorship of the proletariat which intends to get rid of the private ownership of the means of production (presently held by capitalists and peasants). The Marxist idea is to get rid of the proletariat as a class that does not own the means of production. This is a far cry from saying that the Marxist idea is to get rid of WORK. And that is what this 'liberty in the workplace' childishness has been about.

Stoller: If one (even one) person wants to do only skilled work, then everyone else must take on the added unskilled work that the one shirker leaves undone... [In order to free people from having to do exclusively unskilled work, skilled work must not be appropriated exclusively.]

: What if someone only wanted to do unskilled work? Must we stop them so as to share out the skilled jobs?

Give me a break, RD. Who's going to willfully choose unskilled work when there's an alternative?

: What is a skilled job?

You just received a secondary education. You tell me.

And I'll tell you, in return, what an unskilled job is. How about ringing up sales all day long behind a cash machine?

Isn't that why you went to college? So you wouldn't have to do the sort of work I do?

: Finally, who ever said that workers would be exchanging their production? Surely the basis of socialism is the abolition of exchange? You can't exchange what you allready own.

If the social division of labor remains in a socialist society, then exchange MUST remain to some degree.

Ever heard of the Soviet Union?

BTW, was this post a bit too much for you?

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