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On Stoller's quest for the perfect cult

Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on January 19, 19100 at 10:49:29:

In Reply to: On' SDF's rear attacks of Stoller posted by Stoller on January 18, 19100 at 17:41:04:

: I suppose that disregarding my many positive proposals for mobilizing workers against capital---proposals such as democratic production, socialist incentive and organizing the struggle around skill, not pay

SDF: So your utopia is better than other utopias, it's got all sorts of cute bells and whistles. IT'S STILL A UTOPIA. THe ideas I have are ideas for doing things NOW, and I sure as hell don't plan on sharing them with YOU. Plan on telling us any time under what conditions a VIOLENT REVOLUTION will be FEASIBLE? When for instance will a direct attack on the Pentagon be a piece of cake?

---in favor of turning Craig Calhoun and your fetish of him is much more constructive.

SDF: Is Craig Calhoun the ONLY thing mentioned in that post? No. So maybe it's YOUR fetish. But don't let ME stop you in your quest for the perfect cult.

: I mean, if we all read your favorite post again and again, then we shall all see the light, won't we?

SDF: Maybe you'll start to ASK QUESTIONS. Naaaaah, it's no use.

: The real question is: does Sam have a positive contribution to make---or is he simply another defeatist academic with nothing more to offer than negative criticisms?

SDF: You can drop the pretence (or embarrass yourself further), we all know you don't give a shit about any ideas that aren't either yours, Marx's, Lenin's, or Trotsky's. You certainly didn't give a shit about MINE when I was posting them here.

: Hell, Gee can do that (with much less pretense).

SDF: In the words of the ultimately self-absorbed Stoller, if I was here to MAKE FRIENDS, I'd be a LIBERAL. Now go out and accuse THE PEOPLE of being "a bunch of liberals waving picket-signs". Then go to your capitalist superiors and tell them you've successfully split the left again.

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