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Why am I suddenly reminded of a planet of robots?

Posted by: Frenchy on January 19, 19100 at 10:59:34:

In Reply to: Did you never go to school? posted by Darcy Carter on January 18, 19100 at 11:05:53:

"So once again we come to the old stumbling of capitalist apologists that you will never know how much the quality of human beings actually varies unless everyone is given equal opportunity in life."

########## Given? Excuse me? Did you say 'unless every one is "given"
an equal opportunity in life? Let me re-read that,...hmmm...yes....yes...I see, you did say that, see, it's right there.

How do you propose this be done? Do we use the poorest of the poor as a standard for 'equal' and thereby make every one poor in the early part of life? Or do we use the wealthiest as a standard and give everyone wealth and privileges? And as long as your in a giving mood, why, let's also ensure that the outcomes are equal too. It'd be a shame if after all the government involvement that would be required to ensure equal beginnings individuals were allowed to become more successful than others. A crime against humanity. So equal outcomes must necessarily follow your largesse in guaranteeing equal beginnings.
Why am I suddenly reminded of a planet of robots?

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