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Sweet Gallic revenge...

Posted by: Frenchy on January 19, 19100 at 13:26:02:

In Reply to: Frenchy, You'd Screw Up a Wet Dream posted by Krasny on January 19, 19100 at 11:47:25:

: : : : Well,a huckster at least has success on occasion, and I've had zero with you. Your case is primarily a psychological. I truly believe something has blocked your intellect from becoming what everyone's is capable of becoming: spontaneous, autonomous and self-reflecting.

: : : You're wise to give it up, Porgie. There's something about Communism which drives people insane, turning them into paranoid, hypocritical, intolerant yahoos. In a rational world, there would be no question about what to do with a young boy whose mother died, and who had a loving father waiting for him at home: return him. But we live in a world filled with people driven insane by the presence (either real or imagined) of a counterpoint to capitalism, and thus, the Elian tragedy.

: : : By the way, as one black pundit has pointed out, it's a shame Elian is Haitian -- he'd have been sent home in a heartbeat!

: :
: : Interested in a boatload of Elians? Give Robert Conquest's "The Black Book of Communism" a read.
: : Afraid to stare the beast in the eye?

: *Speaking as someone who has actually read a number of Robert Conquest's works, including, most recently "Harvest of Sorrow" (maybe, you could get someone to read a book to you sometime Frenchy... you never know what you're missing) -- If Robert Conquest wrote "The Black Book of Communism" I'll eat my bolshie cap. Now go hop in your imaginary F-15 and kiss Rummell's and Sheehan's combined arses.* --K

$$$$$$$$$$$$OOOPS!! Oh boy! finally, you got something right. It wasn't Robert Conquest, it turns out 11 historians, French historians, tore your, ahem, 'wet dream' apart.

Le Livre noir du communisme: Crimes, terreur, repression.
80% - Book reviews: The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror,
and Repression. Reviewed by Stanley Hoffmann. This gigantic
volume, the sum of the efforts of 11 historians, social... 03/22/1998
Foreign Policy (Journal): Available at Northern Light

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Go to Barnes and Noble and read some of the reviews. Then if you want you can start gnawing on your bolshie beanie.

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