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Don't jump to conclusions

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on January 19, 19100 at 17:19:36:

In Reply to: The 'free-market' is whatever the owners want it to mean. posted by James T. Kirk on January 19, 19100 at 15:04:14:

: Here's the Gee Doctrine: The 'free-market' is whatever the owners want it to mean. Whenever they want the government to intervene on their behalf, Gee will find the language to justify it.

You have bought no evidence to justify the above. I often criticise the government for its interventions where those interventions are to coerce and bully people into doing or providing things they would not by their own judgement given the choices.

I do oppose tarifs, silly names such as 'dumping' to use as excuse for border controls, immigration laws which control people's movements, defence spending as an end it itself. You see I am not justifying those laws at all. I think you have made the mistake of thinking "that person supports the free market therefore that person must support all republican / conservative policy" which is quite erroneous.

I have accepted that many corporations seek to influence government (but lets not get quite so ludricous as to suggest they direct everything in government as part of some great conspiracy) to act against the free market in order to make it easy for themselves - aka rent seeking. I am against that - it isn't what a free market is about. You say its inevitable but perhaps that is becuase you don't believe in government of highly restricted power focussed on protection of people under the Bill of Rights for instance.

If it is inevitable it isn't down to corporations either. They can't enforce a respect for property rights, nor can the entire US police force. They can kick up a fuss and scare people, but if the vast majority of *people* did not want to observe property rights then there would be none in practice. If the majority of people look to voting not as a way of securing their own protected rights but as a means to gain largesse from other people's tax money then you will have what we have today - a 'mixed' economy with various interest groups, including businesses, all vying for handouts and regulations to make their own lives easier or meet their personal goals without appreciating its cumulative effect on either their victims (the ones who have to pay for it) or in turn themselves.

Don't jump to conclusions about me 'kirk'.

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