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What's my line?

Posted by: MDG on January 19, 19100 at 18:41:44:

In Reply to: Thanks for that line. posted by Frenchy on January 19, 19100 at 10:54:46:

: : Darcy, you've made this assertion about leftists on more than one occasion, and it's time for you to get off it. Leftists DO NOT think everyone is the same; we do not think everyone is as talented in every area of life as everyone else. Leftists acknowledge that some people are born smarter, stronger, prettier, etc., than others, so let's end the simpleminded caricaturing, okay?

: ***********Thanks for that line. I can understand how you, especially, would rise in defense of the indefensible.

When have I defended the indefensible? If anything, I strive to illuminate what to my mind is indefensible, and why it must be changed, e.g. the veal industry.

:It's always been an inconvieniance to Lefties, not to mention an embarassment, when the falsity of their dogmas have been rubbed in their faces.

Cheap shot, Frenchy, as that applies to people on all parts of the spectrum, or in life itself, matter of fact. We all know how hard it is to say, "I was wrong."

: Perhaps you've read "Women in the Military", by Brian Mitchell?

No, though I've rented women in prison movies...

:He throughly deconstructs (another stupid term engendered by Left 'scholars')

I kind of like the term "deconstruction;" I means what is says in one word. Anyway,

:the feminist assertion of physical 'equality' between men and women and how that 'equality' is achieved.

As for physical equality, all I know is that I've seen women in bodybuilding contests, and that Chyna brutess from WWF, who can bend me into a pretzel. All things being equal, it's probably safe to say that the strongest woman cannot become as strong as the strongest man, but it's also safe to say that women can become strong enough to do anything a man can do. Most men, even military men, don't look like Arnold Schwartzenegger -- they look like strong individuals, which is what women can become with enough training. Now, if you want to raise the bar to the point where even the strongest woman cannot reach it, you'll probably exclude the vast majority of men as well. While an army of Arnold Schwartzeneggers would be an impressive sight, realistically, how big will it get? 100,000 men? Small army.

: The point is MDG, Lefties have for a long time maintained that everyone is equal,

I think, as Farinata pointed out, those leftists have always used "equal" to mean equal in the sense that we all have equal rights, and that one person does not have inherently more right to power than another simply because they are stronger, smarter, or prettier. If you find a leftist who claims all people can become as strong or smart as others, let me know.

:and particularly on this board, while I have consistently maintained that it is a demonstably stupid idea viz; women in combat roles.

Aside from my stuff about women becoming strong enough to do the job, today's military relies on brainpower and technology. I know it also relies on brute force, and so I offe the following: let the military experts say that to be a good soldier, that soldier must reach X level of physical achievement. Any man or woman who reaches X level should therefore make a good soldier, right? Also, you probably know that counter-terrorists say that in a terrorist situation, they'll shoot the females first, as they are considered to be more deadly.

: Anyways, wouldn't it be the shits if we were on the same side? Is it possible that your a closet conservative? HORRORS!!

While I may hold some values in common with conservatives, I hold so many values that are called left or liberal, I doubt anyone would call me conservative. The more important point is that almost all ideologies have both good and bad elements, and there is no shame in agreeing with one or more "dishes" from your opponent's menu. Besides, humans are far more complex than just left and right, and some things may just be boiled down to good and bad (or as Victor Frankl, the celebrated Holocaust survivor and psychologist put it, the world may be divided into two groups of people: the decent, and the non-decent). For example, I as a leftist oppose torture, and I assume you, and most other rightists, oppose torture too. Some things are neither left nor right.

And if anything, I'm a closet accordion player.

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