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The free market allows you to be an owner too, or; The free market is looking for a few good men.

Posted by: Frenchy on January 19, 19100 at 18:42:49:

In Reply to: The 'free-market' is whatever the owners want it to mean. posted by James T. Kirk on January 19, 19100 at 15:04:14:

: : If so then those perpetrating the attacks are mere hoodlums and those stopping the fellow entering work of his choice are the pre cursors of brown shirts.

: : Any other kind of strike, or union activity which does not coerce and bully its members, other employees (potential or otherwise) is fine.

: I guess you've never heard of the Phelps Dodge Strike--precipitated, by the by a book from the Wharton School of Business and how to operate on strikes. And the governor of Arizona at the time? None other than the liberal Democrat Bruce Babbit. American popular lore has it that, at least until Clinton, the Democrats at at least a modicum of respect for unions--so much for blaming it all on conservatives.

%%%%%%%%%%Yeah, right. That's why union membership has declined to a near rock bottom today from its hay day in the 50's. You know where unions have increasing membership today, don't you? Public sector. The corporations have learned that it's a lot smarter to attract workers with better pay and benefits than to kill them.
Before you get off your knees worshipping unions, tell everyone how they manage to keep their members scales as high as they are. Yup, the old fashioned way; they restrict their membership and apprenticeship programs. That's terrific for union members, but for those who aren't in the unions they work at market rates. And let's not forget the shadier side of unions as long as your raking Leftist mud.

: You've probably never heard of the Ludlow Massacre, either, or inumerable other instances of government aggression on the side of management to "keep the peace." Well gee, Gee, that's always their excuse, keeping the peace.

%%%%%%%%%%And what would you have done in that time and in that place? Monday morning quarterbacks are a dime a dozen.

: "Keeping the peace" is another one of those words by which capitalist justify their defial of what they teach in college as their sacred principles. "Defense spending" is a good one, as is "import relief" (tarriffs). I love the term "dumping" (free-market pricing as it applies U.S. competitors like the Japanese), but my favorite has to be the self-refuting "market intervention."

$$$$$$$$$$$"...justify their defial..." hmmmmmmm, let's see, 'justify their defial', I'm sure that means something. Care to explain? Or is it an example of the typing mistakes that you don't make?
What would you do in place of spending on defense? Let's hear your thoughts. This should be fun.

: Gee, you're no better than Frenchy, although you are a demonstrably better typist. Why is it so hard for you to see that capitalist governments exist by the owners and for the owners, and has, does and will always act in the owners' interests over that of most of the population. Can't you just admit that government is not neutral, and thus acts contrary to what Adam Smith had in mind when he advocated market solutions?

$$$$$$$$$$Corporation bashing is popular w/ populists and other lightweights. But what you often forget, intentionally, is that people do influence markets. Can you say Ceasar Chavez? How about Ralph Nader? Hand Gun Control, Inc? Can you say 'Duh'? What do these examples prove? That laws apply to everybody equally. No corporation could stop Chavez et al. Individuals can even change the law. Care for some examples of that? Government is not neutral because it is made up of people, there are no neutral governments. That's why we have interest groups and lobbyists; to influence government.

: Here's the Gee Doctrine: The 'free-market' is whatever the owners want it to mean. Whenever they want the government to intervene on their behalf, Gee will find the language to justify it.

: Gee folds. Kirk takes the hand.

$$$$$$$$$$$$Sounds like what your proposing is tried and failed mommy government tried in so many other places. What is it about living that makes some people so afraid? What is it about living a regimented life that appeals to otherwise intelligent people?

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