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...which is why I want others to do so as well.

Posted by: Farinata ( L'inferno ) on January 19, 19100 at 18:57:36:

In Reply to: You live and have lived a privileged life. posted by Frenchy on January 19, 19100 at 18:44:09:

: : Darcy, don't be obtuse.

: : I, for example, am more intelligent than you. I'm probably stronger as well; I rowed and fenced for my university (University of London). Unless you're 2 metres tall, I'm probably taller than you too.

: : No-one would argue that some people are born faster, prettier or smarter than others.

: : But my superior strength *does not* make me a better person than you on a general level. It does not give me the automatic right to dominate you and order you around.

: : That is what is meant by 'equality' here.

: : Is that simple enough for you?

: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$Yeah, fine. I'm 5'6", slight of build, never engaged in sports. Don't know which end of a sword to hold. Don't have a diploma. I own a .38. Now we're equal.

We always were equal in the eyes of the law, Frenchy.

: You live and have lived a privileged life.

Actually, I come from a single-parent family; my mother is a teacher (not the most highly-paid job in the world). I got to where I was by a combination of hard work and brains and exercise. I'm still not 'rich'; I don't have any particular desire to be; I do not have a car and cannot drive.

By Western yardsticks, I'm not 'privileged'; I worked hard to get where I was.

By global yardsticks, we are both hugely privileged. We live in the countries that own most of the world's capital; and the fact that you can access a computer means that you are as 'privileged' as me.

: There is no way you can have as much education that you claim to have and not know about the history of the Communists/Socialists and the promises that they made to the less intellectually endowed.

Are you saying that the American Dream is any less of a fantasy, Frenchy? Read Death of a Salesman again.

As I've repeatedly pointed out to you, there are simply not enough physical resources to give the entire world a Western lifestyle; as such, the American Dream (as fed to the entire world) is nothing more than a deception; for the poor countries, there will be no 'golden reward'; because there isn't enough gold to give to everyone.

: They are not to be trusted. How can you so glibly dismiss the dismal failures of the system that you champion?

As I've repeated said also, I am an anarchist; although I would agree that socialism has the potential to be much fairer to all and more efficient than capitalism.

I don't believe in exploiting the poorer nations of the world just because I can; in much the same way that I wouldn't flatten Darcy just because he's smaller than me; the ability to bleed the Third World dry of resources doesn't automatically mean you should do it.


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