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Does superior ability in some specific area (such as basketball) determine general superiority?

Such as: the man who jumps high hoops gets a fortune, the woman who takes care of children professionally doesn't merit health care?

: -----The above paragraph is completely nonsensical.

You are the one defending the social division of labor.

As I believe, hierarchy, class divisions, and the ensuing social and material inequities of class divisions result from the social division of labor.

In short, I'm associating your defense for the social division of labor with all of its attendent evils.

Since you defend the social division of labor (and capitalist relations in general), then comments bringing attention to basketball players with millions of dollars and health care workers who make only $7 an hour, no benefits, falls fairly upon your shoulders.

: I was merely indicating that we are all not equal. You have not refuted this.

If you look at this post you will see that I follow Lenin's Maxian analysis of skill, acknowledging that there is not absolute equality of ability between people. I would never be so utopian as to assert otherwise. However! This is NOT a defense of UNEQUAL access to the means of production and control over the state---which is something every procapitalist does in the name of differing levels of ability.

: I just said job sharing wasn't practical as not everyone was equal.

Although I believe job rotation is essential to democracy at a production level, I do not assert that all people should do all jobs. I merely believe that all people should share equally skilled and unskilled work. Likewise, although I believe some people will have certain talents others do not, that does not entitle anyone to usurp all the skilled work in society. This is premised upon my central belief that no one is unable to perform some type of skilled work---especially in running the state (their own life).

Please see this post after you've seen this post.

Warning: there WILL be quotes (and reasoning that you probably won't like).

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