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If Anything, I've Insulted Dolts Everywhere

Posted by: Krasny ( Internationale, All Countries... ) on January 19, 19100 at 23:22:38:

In Reply to: Dont try to insult people, you're no good at it posted by Gee on January 19, 19100 at 11:46:47:

: : *You're really something. First, you harangue the original poster to not make 'assumptions' then go on to impart the most noble of motivations on the part of the mother.

: At least you concede it to be noble. but you follow it with more assumptions of you own. Pot...kettle...black?

*OK, now put down the crack pipe down and actually read what I've written here. Even with every other point snipped, it's clear to anyone with a 4th grade education that *you* are the one imparting assumptions regarding this woman's motivations. I'll take your conspicuous silence on the other point (that the stepfather was extorting $1000 per head) as a concession on your part.* --K

: : On the other hand, there is *no evidence whatsoever* that Elian's father is anything other than a completely devoted parent and I challenge you to post any evidence at all to the contrary. Shmuck.* --K

: And the evidence of father devotedness? Are going to hunt for here say and quotations now?

*What other evidence can there be, you idiot? *Not* that this guy is on trial, but we have his testimony, the testimony of his relatives, family photographs, his involvement in his son's education, the fact that he maintained regular relations with him. The question was, what evidence *can you provide* that he is not a fit parent? On the other hand, a woman who straps a five year old to an inner tube and ships him out to sea... oh, no question in your mind of her fitness as a parent, right?* --K

: : *Ah go wrap yourself in an American flag you dolt. You really owe it to yourself to get out of your bunker now and then and take a look around.

: You seem to be makin. assumptions about me, its most amusing.

: : It is a fact that the US continues to blockade Cuba while the CANF mafia continues holding out the prospect of automatic citizenship for any Cuban who washes up on our shores and *that* is what's responsible for the sort of tragedy you have in Elian.

: I *don't* agree with the US stopping cubans. get it? Hello? Anyone in there?

*I hope you've actually taken the time to figure out that there are thousands of Haitians (and others) out there trying to get in. Do you support an open immigration policy in that case? What is it that makes this case so unique while sending back thousands of Haitians to their US sponsored hell-holes means nothing to you?

Also, it's easy to be all for the Cubans trying to flee, since Cubans seem to be a people you're particularly fond of (at least, the anti-Castro ones)... the real issue is do you support a policy (the embargo) condemned by 173 member nations of the UN (only Israel and Taiwan - number 1 and 2 in terms of US dollars sent for 'aid' supported the US position on the embargo), the Vatican, Nelson Mandela, Jesse Jackson, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, and every single human rights organisation on the planet as inhumane? If not, then shouldn't this be the focus of your ire? I'm not holding my breath.

:::Insert the names of prominent humanitarians or humanitarian groups who support the US embargo on Cuba ==>HERE<==:::

Until then, keep pretending you actually give a rat's @ss.* --K

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