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I dont know why you persist in your rudeness...

Posted by: Lark on January 19, 19100 at 23:55:36:

In Reply to: Wrong again posted by Stoller on January 19, 19100 at 00:36:36:

But if you do you can bet I'm not going to let it go unanswered

: I've been to Twin Oaks, was offered membership there, used to post about it all the time in my Skinner days (remember?)

No I dont you've always seemed authoritarian and arrogant to me, whether it's Skinner, Trotsky or some other losers blueprint for tyranny, police state and meatgrinder utopia.

: Twin Oaks is an intentional community dedicated to equal pay, job rotation, and which expects all citizens to work 45 hours a week.

Doesnt sound to bad, what's the name of the anarchist intentional community that used to be maoist and then dropped it, do you know?

: They are also very 'PC' i.e, comments about gays being 'sick' wouldn't go over too well.

Do you think I'd care? I'm not homophobic but not I'm not going to be silenced when I think peoples behaviour is more than eccentric, when it's verging on the asocial and anti-social.

: All in all, NOT your sort of place.

Now how would you know that, done a physco-profile of me already?

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