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Listen up Freak, it's Judgement DAY^!^!

Posted by: Lark on January 20, 19100 at 11:26:33:

In Reply to: And, then, there's NO ability posted by Stoller on January 19, 19100 at 00:35:32:

: But as Adam Smith observed, the social division of labor PREVENTS acquired ability from emerging---and it is expressly YOUR view that the social division of labor should be PRESERVED, otherwise you'd be in favor of job rotation

Alright you political version of a Jesuit LISTEN UP!!!

Whether I am in favour or not infavour of preserving the division of labour is academic, totally damn academic!!! You know why? Assess the capitalist workplace what it is about it that makes it alienating and you will have the OVER ARCHING AUTHORITY and COMPLETE ABSCENCE OF FREE CHOICE AND FREE WILL featuring very, very highly!!

Now you want to PRESERVE THIS, you want to PRESERVE ALIENATION, what I have said is that I wish to through conscious EMPOWERMENT of ever last damn INDIVIDAUL in society to annihilate this entire process, whatever social organisation is conducive to this I support, I would like to see industrial syndicalism tried first but if it is not as successful as, or popular, as RD's Morrisian Socialism then fine.

However you support a BLUEPRINT and you dont care how many WORKERS have to be MURDERED or STARVED to ensure it's success like some religious fanatic.

What does annihilating hierarchy if the very worst characturistics of hierarchy VIOLENT AUTHORITY remain.

:(which, to your horror, expects your participation in some of the work those without 'acquired' skills have to do all the time).

Now your really, really getting to fucking annoy me now Barry, I can tell you that I've 'glassed' Trots for less, I stack shelves in a shit hole supermarket with a drunken and rude employer if that's not proletarian enough for you then hell, I'm sorry but it doesnt make any damn difference to my determination in favour of socialism. That's Socialism not Strollerism by the way.

: BTW, your comment about homosexuality being 'sick': not too progressive there, Lark.

Oh, yeah I can see how freedom of speech and opinion wouldn't be on your progressive things list.

:Wouldn't your 'great socialist' hero Oscar Wilde be a tad disappointed?

Unlike you Barry I dont have to worship the ground and vindicate every last action of the thinkers I make reference to.

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