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You support state capitalism?

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on January 20, 19100 at 11:46:09:

In Reply to: MDG, you're in good company posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on January 19, 19100 at 23:11:28:

: To the argument that this would encourage rich businessmen to flee the country, I say, So what? If that's the sort of people they are, we don't need or want them anyway.

Try it and see.

: if the government supied resources, then there would be no need for teh capitalists' capital whatsoever.

So you support state capitalism? I'd like to see how investments went - what political favors, blackmails and contacts made investment decision heretofore based upon return. Drain....down it.

: Also, where would the capitalists go? Guatemala? El Salvador? Just wait and see how the people there receive the ones who were responsible for their murdered relatives.

They would go to SE Asia and Europe.

Nice try to blanket all capital owners with culpibility for murder though.

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