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A quick prod and Darcy jumps...

Posted by: Farinata ( L'inferno ) on January 20, 19100 at 12:28:22:

In Reply to: Ther arrogance of the socalist posted by Darcy Carter on January 20, 19100 at 11:47:18:

: : : : ---------You might accept that not everyone is equal, but by no means all of you comrades on this sight share this view.

: : : Darcy, don't be obtuse.

: : : I, for example, am more intelligent than you. I'm probably stronger as well; I rowed and fenced for my university (University of London). Unless you're 2 metres tall, I'm probably taller than you too.

: How you can make a statemet such as "I am more intelligent than you" in all seriousness, when you know nothing about me, defies belief.

( I can do so *to a certain extent* because your writing betrays you. I've had 8 years' constant practice at reading between the lines. That's beside the point, however.)

I must admit, though, that in the main part, my remark was gratuitously inflammatory; and you obliged by doing exactly what I'd pushed you towards; you abandoned all attempt at any rational debate and started frothing at the mouth.

Really, Darce; if you can't maintain a debate in the face of calculated insult, how do you hope to master the art of the debate?

: You don't even know my gender, occupation or education. One thing you certainly are is more arrogant than me. I won't even dignify your posturing with any information about my own abilities.

In other words, in your eagerness to defend your equality, you are implying that you've got many areas in which you're much 'better' than me. I don't doubt this is true.

But look at what it says about your argument; I merely repeated your own argument back at you; and you duly responded by showing that you understand exactly what we mean by the phrase 'all people are equal'.

In other words, in your eagerness to defend your ego, you've demonstrated that you implicitly believe that all people are ultimately equal.

My point, Darcy, was that it is ultimately immaterial how tall or strong I am; I am a human being, just as you are; and that is the foundation for 'equality'.

Sorry your feelings got damaged; but I hope it was instructive.

(And yes, I can be a very manipulative SOB at times.)

As to your gender; well, the only other Darcy I know (vaguely) is a Darcey; she's good at ballet, but not brilliant on political theory.

: By the way, the kind of people who "rowed for thier university" will probably be the first against the wall come the revolution, so I'd be careful what you wish for.

- by which, you mean 'the innumerable white, upper-middle-class bankers' sons who infest the Thames every winter and have more pewter mugs than pottery ones' - however, this is not me; and never has been.

Unsubtle and inaccurate stereotyping, friend.


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