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: Actually, henry Ford did this because the assembly line was a worker's nightmare (apparently) and no one would work for him unless they received wages substantially above the norm.

Its a bit of both - but I'm never surprised to see one or the other told as 'the real truth' depending on which ideology is behind it. BTW, I think it paid better and was less of 'a nightmare' than coal mining at the time.

: Henry Ford started his system in the ;30s. Correct me if I'm wrong, but cars didn't become widely available till the '50s.

Well that would depend on what you call 'widely available' would it?

: Actually, very little would happen, IF we made sure that the equipment, factory, etc. remained in the hands of the workers who righfully owned it.


: The state can supply capital,

Hmm, see my other post on this.

: If capital is necessary to production, how do you think they made cars in Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, India, and other socialist states.

Do you seriously think those countries lacked 'capital'. You've stated that you think the government should provide it (from where exactly?) - well thats what happened in those countries you mentioned. Its called 'state capitalism' - a popular phrase on this forum a few months ago, but not a popular political philosophy.

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