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Voluntary or not?

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on January 21, 19100 at 13:07:09:

In Reply to: Voluntary. posted by Red DEathy on January 20, 19100 at 22:24:42:

RD, I know we've touched on this before and I know you have voluntary assent as the pre cursor to any kind of socialism so that enforcement isnt necessary. However I can see cliques producing happily for eachothers needs and ignoring the starving whilst there being no measn to adress them.

If all is voluntary then so the 'bad' things can happen as readily as the 'good' (though in my view far less frequently).

: How on earth can we enforce work according to ability - know-one can know what another is truly capable of, its up to them to try and find out for themselves.

Absolutely! I say trying to do so is to guarantee minimum ability.

: it means that we should strive to ensure that all our needs are met. Hardly monstrous.

Should, oughto. Might just not bother though.... Even if the revolutionary generation go for it the next may not. You can see why you have been called idealistic can't you? I like the scenario you paint, but I don't see it as remotely possible.

: But since both are necessarilly self defined, anyway, and since the aim of developing one is to satisfy the other, such a contingency couldn't occur.

It could if enforced, it would'nt if every one was in fine agreement with eachother true.

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