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Time to shine the light on Nixon's and Reagan's crimes.

Posted by: MDG on January 23, 19100 at 11:34:09:

In Reply to: It's been a dark 70 years of silence, hasn't it posted by Dennis on January 21, 19100 at 14:35:40:

: Thank you, Frenchy, and thank you, the authors of this much needed book. And thank God! Finally the horrors of communism have been brought to light! It's been a dark 70 years of silence, hasn't it, fellow conservatives? I mean, with the exception of the heroic work from newspaper editorials, magazine features, photographs in Time, Newsweek, Life, People, US, Saturday Evening Post, Atlantic, the word would never have gotten out.

: What are a few measly decades of films, books, articles in academic journals, newcasts on television, radio shows, stump speeches by politicians, class lectures by grade school teachers, high school teachers, college professors, compared to the rantings of that guy at the Boston Common? If not for the brave work of thousands of pundits, the American public would never have known of the barbarity of the Stalinist monster!

: I'm just thankful the veil of silence has been lifted, and not a moment too soon, either! I hear the Soviet Union is planning to . . .

: Would you fellas excuse me? My stockbroker is calling on my cell-phone. Back in a flash . . .LOVE-YA!

You're all so smug, pointing at human rights abuses under various tyrannical Communistic regimes, as if any of us here would deny that those regimes, e.g. Stalin's, were guilty of gross human rights violations. What do you have to say about the United States' and other Western powers' support of murderous regimes which persecuted Communists, or alleged communists? Do you care that Nixon winked while Pinochet tortured and murdered thousands, or that Margaret Thatcher would rather give Pinochet a blowjob than see him prosecuted? What about Ronald (I-hope-they-have-jellybeans-in-hell) Reagan's unapologetic support of the torturers in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, and his pet terrorists, the Contras? You right wing assholes never utter a peep about OUR support of torturers, do you? Go trade your goddamned stocks -- it's all you're good for.

McSpotlight: MDG; I don't think the previous poster was entirely serious; in fact, I suspect it was Porgie masquerading as a pro-capitalist again...

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