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I'm not homophobic

Posted by: Lark on January 23, 19100 at 11:41:20:

In Reply to: No posted by Stoller on January 21, 19100 at 12:30:44:

: But if you say that any GAY PERSON who writes sexual graffiti or has sex in a public place is a deviant bastard, I can assure you that the members of Twin Oaks will NOT consider you for membership.

Why so? Are Gay people to be given SPECIAL status? Are they more UNIQUE or oppressed than heterosexuals in Twin Oaks?

: Whether or not that's fair is not the point. I was simply telling Lark that Twin Oaks would throw him out.

Fairness doesnt matter much to the militantly politically correct.

: Because he IS homophobic---his homophobic postings are all over the place ON THE Anything Else board.

How am I homophobic? I'm not scared of gay people, I dont hate gay people, infact given the nazi or ultra conservatives that DO hate them I prefer their company HOWEVER in a world which is through new medias etc. becoming, thankfully, a real wonderful place for liberating self and citizen advocacy and empowerment I believe everyone should make their case equally and that doesnt involve bigotry or superimacy or anything.

Given that people are making sexuality the centre part or the entire part of their lives, I'm talking about sexuality mind, not love Sex, and unfortunately they are not the same thing, I feel that their has to advocates for the life style in which it is a side issue. In that way it cant be used as a source of aggrovation or supremacy.

Incidentally have you seen the film 'Priest' I liked that film.

:The one I linked compared homosexuality with cannibalism, for crying out loud.

Did I? Perhaps I was comparing the animal kingdon to the human kingdom and using an example to show that only imperfect, and therefore scientifically questionable, comparisons could be drawn between the two in arguing any kind of case in a debate.

I hope this clears the whole thing up, remember my Maxim:

'Oppose oppression etc. regardless of the author or the victim'

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