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I might just forgive the German people

Posted by: Lark on January 23, 19100 at 11:42:55:

I'm never going to forgive the German people for the third reich because I think that under those conditions anyone with an ounce of moral will would strap on a large bomb and run at the furher at one of his egotistical rallies and take the bastard and his hench buddies out but having read the points that Frenchy outlined earlier I can see how some stupid voters unwittingly put their mark for them on a vote card.

That program could be mistaken for a left wing package, maybe it all relates to what the intent of the state goes like when it's consolidated it's power but the ideals of full employment and communal identity and welfare are great, I guess that's why trial and error organisation and libertarianism must be accepted by all sincere socialists and a real shunning of the Spanish Inquisition tactics of the past are so very, very crucial.

Hey guys hope it's all going well, hope no one still thinks I'm a bigot or capitalist anymore, apart from Barry I think he's never going to be convinced, wether I'm friendly or whatever about it, there's no getting through to some people, Frenchy and Barry have a lot in common, even for their opposing views.

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