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A Capital Idea!!

Posted by: Frenchy on January 24, 19100 at 10:03:57:

In Reply to: Everybody can criticize capitalism, but what do we do about it? posted by Pete on January 23, 19100 at 23:42:50:

: : Hey that, was just a shot at Stroller and the type of 'Socialism' he represents, I've got a minigun full of statements in mind about them I hope the ref's got a lot of cards.

: Right. You expanded my metaphor to absurd dimemsions so as to make it seem silly. Okay, fine. At least I know your heart is in the right place.

: Lark wrote: I think we are in agreement about reform etc. though, the theorists I admire the most are ones like Bakunin, his record speaks volumes, he was more often on the barrackades than in the library uncompromising or what?

: Then Lark wrote: However the position should be anti-reformist, not anti-reform I mean their are many anarchist, anarchist taken as the most extremely non-compromising varient of socialism, advocates of welfarism, see Chomsky or the Anarcho FAQ, because it really does correspond with the wishes of working people.

: And: It's about expanding the floor of the cage until the day when you can break the bars, that day will come but until then we may occasionally have to defend the cage from worse horrors outside it.

: Pete says: Yes. I read a lot of Chomsky too. But we're still faced with Stoller's nagging question. Everybody can criticize capitalism, but what do we do about it? Against the organized forces of capitalism, do you think that just our individual discomfort with the system will overcome it?

: Talk to me, brother,

: Pete

Print up a couple of thousand copies of the 'Communist Manifesto' at Kinkos and spread them around your hometown. You know, stand outside places of employment and hand them out explaining that you've got a great plan to make life better for them. Tell them how their labor is being expropriated by the bosses. Then you can tell them about 'surplus value', and 'capitalism', the Marxist definition of it though. Then you can tell them that they don't have to suffer any longer because when you become the head honcho your going to see to it that everybody is equally rich and that everyone drives a brand new Lexus and that nobody will work more then three hours a day. And don't forget free health care. And three month vacations, all expenses paid.
Then you can throw in the part that anyone who disagrees will be summarily executed. Don't want to forget that part, eh?

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