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Coercion comes in many forms

Posted by: MDG on January 24, 19100 at 16:53:17:

In Reply to: Just defending freedom posted by David on January 24, 19100 at 09:53:44:

: : - in other words, corporations should have no power over any citizen. Were that so, McSpotlight would not be here.

: This one is open to interpretation. I take "authority" as meaning coercion, that is, having the authority to punish wrongdoers and protect people's rights. Basically, that no person or corporation can coerce you with force or the threat of force.

Corporations and wealthy individuals coerce people with the power of their dollars through the use of SLAPP suits -- suits which are brought against individuals or organizations which dare criticize these powerful corporations and individuals. The point is not to win the lawsuit, but to drown your opponent in paper and legal bills, and make them surrender (i.e. withdraw their legal complaint) or better yet, bankrupt them as a lesson to others. Thank God for the power of the State as the only real counterbalance to these powerful private interests; unfortunately, the more the State is purchased and controlled by the powerful (as with the state legislature in Texas, assisted by corrupt elected judges), the less the average citizen is able to defend himself. Coercion is accomplished thru power, and money is power.

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