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I'll gladly read posts that show some originallity of thought.

Posted by: Frenchy on January 25, 19100 at 00:19:49:

In Reply to: I wish you'd read the posts before subjecting everyone to your juvenile tirades. posted by Flip on January 24, 19100 at 16:13:31:

: : ...Turn on Tune in Drop out. I am the Walrus.

: You have egg on your face, Eggman. I wish you'd read the posts before subjecting everyone to your juvenile tirades. My John Lennon quote was IRONIC, you cretinous sycophant. The point being that appeals to people's hearts and goodwill and even rationality will do nothing. So, you've taken what we both agree is an overly simplistic and specious sentiment and turned it into a tirade for your entire sociology. The typical "human nature is bad, that's why we need a 300 billion dollar defense budget" BULLSHIT that pervades America's rhetorical landscape.

I'll gladly read posts that show some originallity of thought. Yours amounts to a rehash of Feelgoodism. I've heard it before in it's many different manifestations.

The point, according to you, is that appeals to people's heart's/goodwill/rationality will do nothing leads to the question 'then what will'? and 'your appeals are to do what'? and 'how do you know that the appeal you make is not in competition w/ other powerful appeals'? and 'who are to judge the interior of a person's heart, a person's goodwill and his rationality?'
The Kuwaitis thought that 300 Billion dollar defense budget was a pretty good thing in '91.

: One thing I can say is that John Lennon, even with his ultimate allegiance to capitalism ("Revolution" is one song that makes this quite clear) is still worlds above you and your reptilian mind. Lennon, for all his posturing and naive polemics, at least had his eyes on changing things for the better. You're just a parasite, and an embarrassingly misinformed one at that.

To bad your attracted to entertainers as a source of thought. What's wrong with reptiles?

: : : What the "Food Not Bombs!" people, as well as the "You can't hug your child with nuclear arms!" bumper-sticker crowd are missing is the fact that social spending is inherently democratic. People KNOW if they need a hospital in their community and they KNOW what kind. People KNOW if they need a school. They KNOW that forty kids to a class is too many. People KNOW things about what their community should have.

Well, I sort of agree here. I'd love to see the present Dept. of Education become disbanded and education returned to the immediate community. Like when I was a kid. It worked then, why not now? Same w/ health care. I remember, believe it or not, our family doctor making house calls carrying his black bag and examining my brother in bed when he was sick. Dad paid for the services and the doctor used a sliding scale. And don't say that forty kids are too many in a class room, most of my classes in public school in the fifties and sixties had seven or eight rows of seats that were seven or eight deep, you do the math. When I worked at U.C. Berkeley (I was an elevator mech., Sather Tower was one of my elevators), I would often see classrooms of Freshmen that were PACKED. Probably close to eighty students. Approx. the same age as high school seniors. Class size and dollars per student are NEA scams to hire more teachers and raise the wages of teachers.

: : : But they don't know how to fly an F-1 or F-14 or F-16. Military spending is inherently undemocratic. It gives the bourgeoisie an excuse to rob the poor and pay the rich. That's why America spends so much money on its military.

"Military spending is inherently undemocratic"?? This is too stupid to refute. Just be thankful that some men are willing to fly those birds to keep you and your worthless hide safe.

: : : Now, to answer the second question my non-American friend asked me in the cafeteria: Sure, American politicians love war. But I'll betcha there'd be less wars if the rest of the world would would be good little boys and girls, go along with the "free-market" and bow to our capitalist will. Golly, if people would only do that, we could finally have what John Lennon hoped for! That is, if only the other countries would quit fighting America's leadership, we could all give peace a chance.

Now, is this being ironic? I don't get it.

: : This is pretty good for a screed. I admit that I stopped reading half way through though, so I may not be giving you full credit. I stopped reading at the part about the 'thugs' that America deals with, when I realized that you don't know there is a fundamental difference between international relations and personal relations.

: Oh, I think everyone is well aware of that. Killing people who disagree with me in my personal life would have dire consequences. As president of the U.S., they'd call me a man of "resolve."

Actually if you killed people in your personal life and were President you'd probably have to have somebody like Janet Reno bail your butt; think Waco.
Yeah, it is sad that Janet 'Butch' Reno shows that what you say is true. I've been thinking that we oughta have a 'Timothy McVeigh Day' for some time as a way of protesting this administration's idea justice. What do you think?

: : I'm a product, unfortunately.

: Yes, it is unforunate that you have been produced.

: (Hyuk, hyuk hyuk! I just cheated like Frenchy does!)

Smile when you say that pardner....

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