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Ahrgh! Not 'state capitalism' again!

Posted by: Stoller on January 25, 19100 at 10:44:32:

In Reply to: USSR posted by David on January 25, 19100 at 00:22:52:

: I would argue that the people who took over managing the factories became the capitalists in everything but name.

Please see this post and this post...

: : Worker's standards of living, on the other hand, have dropped since the 1970s. Source: Business Week, 1 September 1997, pp. 66-67.

: I would argue that point. What do they define as standards of living? Does this include many of the new technologies available to them? Are they working from a bare necessity standpoint, as in just counting necessities (food, shelter, clothing)? Or do they take into account luxuries?

Wages are below 1970 standards (in real dollars); ditto family income (even though more women are working!); income gaps between rich and poor is wider than ever; home ownership is at 1980 levels; auto ownership has dropped in the last five years.

How's that (same article)?

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