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Capitalist - the hidden tormenter

Posted by: Monane ( Singapore, Singapore ) on January 25, 19100 at 15:57:53:

Capitalism - the hidden tormentor

In the ages of the industrial revolution, we could see them. They were those who owned the factories and lived at the mansions in the cities. We see them in their big fanciful cars everyday and naturally we understand that they go to parties nightly and do little work. That was the capitalist of the past. They were the only ones whose children went to good school and were the only ones that were healthy looking. We could compare and feel the unfairness.
Now, we think everything has changed. We think the capitalist are businessmen who strive hard and worked hard for their present day success. It is because of their strength thus they should be rewarded. Bullshit. Simple maths tell you Bill Gates is the biggest asshole around. But Bill Gates is a man. An individual. He can die. We can shoot him. Like last time, the communist could go purge off those who they do not like. But now it is different. We, the masses, have become the tools of the capitalist. The common man and the capitalist does not differ. They have became the same and one. What do I mean, let me explain.
MAD donalds employ many people. They sell many bugers. They sell many bugers to many people. The COE can change. Every staff can change but there will still be MAD. Because they employ the masses to sell to the masses. The capitalist has succeeded in fusing us with them. We have become one. Everywhere, every developed country we walk into, our lives our inevitably an icon of Capitalism. We are the sellers, the buyers, the producers and not to forget the workers. One and everything. Everything and nothing. The machinary churns on and on. We are squeezed as we study, work and play. Our lives all lost in front of that chain.
Is there a way to stop this vicious cycle? One fine way is Anarchism - not the anarchy that is commonly associated with that word but the ideal state. There are other alternatives. But the greatest irony is that to live within a framework of society in any developed country, we must become the subjects of capitalism. There is no escape. And even escape is ironical, because it makes us the outcast. Why should the right way be outcast? Isnít that an irony? Smashing windows does not help because windows are easily rebuilt. One most do more? What can you do?

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