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All or nothing: is that your standard?

Posted by: MDG on January 25, 19100 at 23:25:59:

In Reply to: Tounge, your fired. posted by Frenchy on January 25, 19100 at 00:21:29:

: : "Plant Murderer!" Well, I've been called worse. Guilty as charged, but my defense is: no brain, no pain.

: : : I've been having a lot of problems accessing that same link for some reason. Anyways, here's the story. By the way, if your as fit as a fiddle why are you so incensed over health care?

: : Have we reached a moment of truth here, Frenchy? That's a helluva question you asked me, which I'll answer thusly:

: : I am well fed, so why do I care that others are starving?
: : I am well housed, so why do I care about the homeless?
: : I am comfortable, so why do I care about the tortured?

: : Frenchy, you may dwell upon the answer -- I think you ought to, my proudly conservative friend.
: : Shall I continue, Frenchy

: OK, I've thought about it. It's approximately the same answer that I've given to Farinata and others. If these things bug you so much, do something about it. Do a Mother Teresa. The time spent on the net is great for salving a guilty conscience but your doing as much as I am for those

I am lucky to have a job in which I help conserve the environment AND also help feed and employ poor people, so I feel I've achieved "success" in life. I also spent a good deal of my own time and effort and money doing something you probably think is frivolous: helping homeless cats. I also do what I can as an activist for other causes. I would bet you anything that almost everyone else on this website also gives of themselves.

Now, about being Mother Theresa. Yes, of course I could do more, and it's possible that I might have taken that path early on in life; as it is now, I have a family and responsibilities, and I can't commit myself as much as Mother T., or the very fine people who run Farm Sanctuary, etc. But so what? I and others who do what they can are at least DOING SOMETHING. Save your criticism for those who do nothing, or worse, actively hurt others. Be an activist, Frenchy! Send a letter to Jesse Helms telling him what an asshole he is (trust me, you'll feel better, and God will smile upon you).

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