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Posted by: piper ( aus ) on January 26, 19100 at 10:29:15:

In Reply to: eh ??? posted by Gee on January 25, 19100 at 23:25:24:

: : With everybody chasing the ellusive dollar nobody considers that there IS something else in life like living.

: Are people not alive when engaged in the above then?

Piper: Yes, but i imagine that what william means is that such a life does not satisfy. Indeed some would i suspect say that they are 'barely living' when engagning in such activity.

: : Money controls people and governments.

: Its an intelligent purposeful entity? Remember the saying 'gun never kill anyone, people get killed by people' - try applying a similar logic to the above.

Piper: Just as a gun is the means to murder, so money is the means to power and control. Take away a gun and it becomes harder to kill, similary if one removes money power becomes lacking.

: : Money corrupts us humans by nature are greedy yet doesn't anyone see that our problems as a society won't change while we are still trying to line our pockets ??

: So if in nature pre historic man was trying to line his cave with meats, fruits and furs was he also being corrupted?

Piper: greed i think is the cause of many ills and has been for many years (and always will be).

: I think we know what state the uncorrupted man would be in then - dead.

: : How can anyone claim to have lived a full and rewarding life when they're stuck in an office for 40 to 60 hours a week for 40 or 50 years just so they can pay the bills and save a few bucks. Is this what living is all about ?? Grab as much cash as you can by any means necessary and then die ?? You can't take it with you my friends....

: What are you suggesting to remedy this supposedly terrible existence?

Piper: One man works a 60 hour week another man is unemployed. I can see a solution there. Can you not?

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