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Yeah, that's good.

Posted by: Porgie Tirebiter on January 26, 19100 at 15:54:17:

In Reply to: *mumbles* posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on January 26, 19100 at 10:27:29:

: : Just 3 or 4 good links on each of the following would really help. I'd be in your debt. Here are the topics:

: : Wealth Re-distribution, Rich to Poor
: : a) Inside U .S.
: : b) outside U.S. (your Marshall Plan one would be very good here)

: SDF: Couldn't you just bring in Marx's theory of surplus value? Frenchy couldn't do anything against it.

: : Defense Spending

: SDF: You've been to the Nonviolence Web's page?

Yeah, that's good. Any others you recommend?

: : Taxation

: SDF: Who were those guys from the Philly Inquirer who wrote "Who Stole America?" -- they loved to talk about corporate tax breaks...

That's Donald Barlett and James Steele. Good couple of books, too.

: : The Homeless Problem

: SDF: This one's a no-brainer -- provide them with homes.

: : Marriage, Divorce and Family Life (from a Leftist point of view, of course)

: SDF: Couldn't you just get them to read Stephanie Coontz's books?

Have them both--any web pages. Like I say, my computer is old and slow, and I'd like to get this EFL booklet with websites out before March, as the schoolyear starts in April here. I'll keep looking forward to your links, though.

The weirdest thing is I try to link up to your webpage and it says my server forbids a link to that. But I can get on


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