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Norman's so fun to rebut

Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on January 26, 19100 at 15:57:36:

In Reply to: The NRA jibe, remember? posted by Frenchy on January 26, 19100 at 10:42:38:

: Actually you brought up the NRA as a way of connecting them to standing over those pits, didn't you?

SDF: Yes, but you STARTED this thread with your phony jibe about me standing over a pit with an AK-47. I don't own a gun; YOU do. I simply pointed out that it was YOUR FRIENDS who defend my right to own one.

: Want to try to connect the dots from the edges of the pits to the NRA? Bit of a leap there, eh Samual Day Fassbinder? On the other hand, as I mentioned, the men who did in fact stand around those stinking pits weren't members of the NRA, were they?

SDF: No, babydoll, they were FASCISTS. Are you one?

: Yeah, Kalishnikov swiped the design from the Germans. Check it out ('Course the Russkies swiped everything they could from somewhere else and then claimed it as their own).

SDF: Norman staying on topic. An improvement! Say, Norman, how many people can one of these AK-47s kill? If a burglar entered your house with one, would you be able to retaliate with your gun in time?

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