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No, but you have tunnel vision

Posted by: MDG on January 26, 19100 at 18:55:02:

In Reply to: You're under all sorts of illusions posted by Barry Stoller on January 26, 19100 at 10:22:46:

: :Which party is dedicated to wiping out abortion rights? Which party is dead set against gays in the military? Which party is overwhelmingly anti-environment?

: Good causes, all. But none are explicitly CLASS issues. That's why the joke is on you.

You're right Barry, those are not class issues -- unless you realize that the rich will always have access to safe abortions, regardless of its legality, and rich gays won't ever have to worry about job security, "sodomy laws," etc.. Also, as with racism, homophobia is a handy diversion from the class issues which mar this country.

Again, name one progressive Republican. The Democrats at least have some genuine leftists, and progressives, who do talk about class issues like the income gap and inequitable taxation scheme. Are they calling for socialism? With the exception of Bernie Sanders, probably not, but they are calling for progressive reform which will help the non-wealthy classes.

Why don't you run for office as a communist? Or, you can howl at the moon, since both are pointless pursuits in America 2000.

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