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Sound and Fury Mate... Sound and Fury...

Posted by: Krasny ( Internationale, All Countries... ) on January 26, 19100 at 23:13:02:

In Reply to: But should call hypocracy posted by Gee on January 26, 19100 at 14:01:55:

: : **Moi? You think *that* was 'excited?'

: Its the highest heart rate youve ever achieved here.

: : "This is a fish.... there is a barrel. Here is a barrel.... there is a fish."** --K

: Fantasy land 'Krasny' - as evidenced by your attempt at a political web page.

**I'd be happy to review *your* efforts at building a web page 'Gee'...

:::Place URL for Gee's Incredible Webpage===>HERE<===:::

Until then, keep playing the 'sound and fury' (signifying nothing) card mate. At the least, it permits you to avoid every substantive point raised.** --K

: : **:::BUZZZZ!::: .....

: Clearly this case has roused your IDEOLOGICAL wobbly bits because you want the case to 'prove' America and capitalism are evil. You are not prepared to air any other views having already concluded that *you* have a privilaged moral judgement on the given facts, that any conclusion you decide to make is the superior one, that any other view must be evil.

**In point of fact, I in no way think of political-economic paradigms as signifers of morality. I have in fact been *defending* Cuba from your insipid accusations and cowardly (and one must say ignorant) taunts. From the fitness of Elian's father as a parent, to Haitian boatpeople, to the 'heroic' motivations of the mother and stepfather it has been one long defensive action. In what way has this been an exercise in showing "America and capitalism are evil?" I'm siding with the INS in this matter you idiot.** --K

: That you consider yourself to have shown anyone to be 'an idiot' is merely your arrogence, you deal with it.

**Keep whistling past that graveyard, mate...** --K

: : Every single piece of evidence will of necessity by 'hearsay' testimony.

: If you say "I added 2 plus 2 to equal 4" will it be hearsay in the same sense as someone concluding from a few (govt checked for all we know) words that someone is either good or bad? What of your own conclusion jumping regarding the mother? Thats ok is it?

**So now Elian's father's image may only be rehabilitated in line with mathematical formulas or we must suspend judgement??? Good to know Vishinsky... I already posted some of the things we know about him (l-o-n-g since ignored by your esteemed self) -AND- I have asked for any evidence which you have of his unfitness and which you have consistently and conspicuously ignored. You are the moving party here... you have the burden of proof showing that this father is anything except as he appears to be: a dedicated, loving father who misses his son very much. Even the *mother's* grandmother has traveled to the US to plead for Elian's return to the father... oh, but I forgot... it's not as easy as 2 + 2 = 4. What a pity.** --K

: : The question is how reliable and convincing is the testimony which is offered.

: And as its offered in a country without free speech how can we be convinced, true or not? That doesn't bother you? Probably not.

**So far, this father has expressed similiar sentiments under the circumstances as any loving, caring father would. He has shown his continuous involvement in his child's welfare and education through the testimonials of friends and neighbors(doubtless falsified by the Evil Castro); photo albums portraying himself and his son on family outings (again, courtesy of the Evil Castro); his own mother and the mother of his ex-wife have both traveled by plane chartered by the Evil Castro to plead for the child's return... and you have *nothing* except your thimble's full dollop of dogma to sustain your argument that there is an unspecified *something* to the contrary. *And* you have the gall to accuse *me* of wearing ideological blinders??? You've got brass clappers mate, I'll give you that.** --K

: : Cuba might do even better if she had the ability to formulate her own policies on trade and freely pick her trade partners *on the same basis* as Haiti? Let's see you weasel your way out of all that...** --K

: How many time do I have to repeat that I would like to see embargo lifted and free movement restored to Cuba?

**Hey dipstick! *You* were the one who raised the issue of to what extent Cuba's economic woes are due to the embargo versus her form of government, not me. Stop snipping out the portions of these posts which make these facts clear and I'll stop showing you up as the gutless wonder that you are on the embargo question. Mr. 'I hate the embargo, but it really isn't hurting Cuba anyway.'** --K

And who is Cuba to formulate 'her own policies'? Cuba is millions of people not some amorphous blob to be ruled. Despite the fact that any authoritarian govt there will seize most of the benefits and claim them as their own, opening up will change it more than isolating will

**Stop avoiding the questions raised with your usual diversions. I specifically said on the same terms as Haiti. One country is a capitalist worker's paradise which receives the largesse from 'free' trade with the US (government aid and private capital); one is under an economic embargo which specifically targets trade sanctions against any country which does business with Cuba. Cuba kicks Haiti's ass in every single demographic category. Why not give Cuba and it's government some credit here? Who has the 'ideological' agenda again? I guarantee you that if the Cuban government could direct it's own trade policies on the same basis as any other government, including Haiti and the US, living standards would rise precipitously... which is why jerks like you wring your hands and proclaim disdain for the embargo Cuba, but pretend it's Castro that's to blame anyway.** --K

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