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Louisiana, 1991 - Step Right Up and Vote!

Posted by: MDG on January 28, 19100 at 11:05:29:

SDF has taken me to task because I will choose the lesser of two evils in November by holding my nose and voting for the Democratic candidate for President (given the two, I prefer Bradley, but I'll be stuck with Gore). This tactic, I'm told, is a sell-out; better I should vote my conscience and pull the lever for a good guy/sure loser like Ralph Nader, even if it means helping George W. Bush take the White House.

In response, I'd like you to consider the following:

It's November 7, 1991, election eve, and you live in Louisiana. There are two candidates for Governor: the Republican is neo-nazi David Duke; his supporters' chant is "White Pride!" The Democrat is convicted felon, corrupt good ol' boy Edwin Edwards; his supporters' chant is "Vote for the crook, it's important!" That's how it was 9 years ago. Life sometimes demands compromises...or does it?

So who do you vote for? The greater evil of David Duke, the lesser evil of Edwin Edwards, or a fictious third party candidate: Butterfly Marx, the honorable, socialist, environmentalist, labor organizer who stands for all the right things, but doesn't stand a chance of winning? If the last, you do so knowing that by not voting for Edwards, you increase the odds of an avowed neo-nazi becoming Governor.

It's a stinking situation, but it's what's out there for real, not the idealistic yet fictitious election we could easily conjure up in this chatroom.

I hold my nose and vote for Edwards. That's one.

Your turn.

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