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Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on January 28, 19100 at 11:10:00:

In Reply to: Nader for Prez? posted by JD on January 27, 19100 at 10:18:06:

: : SDF: Yes, this is precisely it. It's that the fear of losing the planet in its current state should incite people to change. Let's hope it's not too late when it starts.

: It should, but it doesn't, and I'm sure you're more familiar with all the reasons why than I am. I would love to see a red/green coalition in the US. In fact, if Nader runs on the Green Party ticket, and gets on the ballot in my state, not an easy thing to do, I'll probably vote for him to do my part to get the percentage up high enough so they qualify for matching funds. Not my favorite party for economics, but a damn sight better than the Republicrats.

SDF: There IS an ecosocialist faction in the Greens -- I belong to it -- check out the recent issue of Synthesis/Regeneration, number 21, has an article by Tom Smith that advocates "community-based socialism". There's the Nader campaign, and BTW, there's Joel Kovel running for President too. I saw him recently, definitely an ecosocialist and an opponent of bourgeois democracy.

: : : I think that it's a truism to say that a happy citizenry does not seek to overhaul their government.

: : SDF: The Republicans have shown no qualms about overhauling their government to protect the rate of profit...

: Yes, but we can't equate the citizenry with corporations.

SDF: The problem is that much of the citizenry is duped by corporate ideology.

: : SDF: It can't be a coincidence either that much of the world was on the verge of adopting Fascist government during that same Depression. Seeking change doesn't have to be seeking good change.

: Very true, and I think that this is a big part of the reason why those on the Left would do well to put aside differences and come together. I'm sure that you and I disagree on particulars in some matters, but we're probably quite close when it comes to the general outlook.

SDF: So what do you think of David McNally?

: : SDF: Sure, but there's no substitute for real learning.

: Granted. I've long been an advocate that those on the Left should steal a page from the Christian Coalition and run candidates for school boards. The CC was quite successful in that regard. It's not blind chance that sex ed and evolution have taken it on the chin in recent years in public school systems throughout the land.

SDF: Yeah, I agree, I just wish someone else would run and I could support her/him -- I'm trying too hard to become a schoolteacher to be a board member...

: I'd like a chance to see Historical Materialism taught in schools, myself, or how about using Zinn's A People's History... as a high school textbook?

: JD

SDF: 'Tis a good idea, I suggested something similar in a previous thread...

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