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Frenchy thinking?

Posted by: Lark on January 28, 19100 at 11:10:38:

In Reply to: Catholicism does't change. posted by Frenchy on January 26, 19100 at 10:39:58:

: From the above I'd have to say that neither one of you knows what he is talking about.

No they're pretty spot on.

: Catholicism does't change.

Yes it is and always will be a socialist manifestation because God is a Socialist and it doesnt matter how much false memories the right-wing usurpers like yourself invent or how much the right wing forces seek to subvert it's historic mission it remains unchangeable.

:It may be difficult to accept.

No I have no problem accepting it the capitalist economy and the reactionary anti-humanist conservative credo of yankeedom are not more important to me than Jesus and his teaching.

:You may not accept it, but it doesn't matter.

No I do and they do you dont.

:Think about it;

Frenchy thinking? I new page in history has been written this day.

:if the teachings of Christ are true (how could it be otherwise?) how do they change from one country to another? Or from one age to another? Adding or subtracting from the magisterium constitutes schism, wheater by the Pope of the American Bishops.

Exactly which I think is a big problem for the advocates of neo-pharisitical notions like capital punishment(can you say new crucifixions?), mammonism and man kind sitting in judgement against the wishes of God incarnate like yourself.

: Do either of you know what John XXIII said of Vat. II while on his death bed? Check it out.

Do you know what Jesus said about Mammonism, crucifixion etc.?

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